Rob Carona - Indie

Rob Carona – Indie

Born and raised in San Diego, but with roots deep in the heart of Louisiana, Rob’s delivers unforgettable hooks with a soulful edge that is a refreshing sound in today’s music scene.  His music is a sunset on a SoCal beach mixed with a home cooked meal on mama’s front porch. 

With humble beginnings of playing open mic nights and coffeeshop venues, Rob’s engaging performances and heartfelt lyrics landed him in the studio and on stage with music giants such as Brian McKnight and Kenny Chesney. Having gathered inspiration from Need To Breathe, Gavin Degraw, and Keith Urban, Rob has a unique style and persona that is captivating while remaining accessible and relatable to his audience. Whether he is performing in an amphitheater or a stripped down acoustic venue, he knows how to keep an audience of all ages engaged with song and story.  

Rob has been with Heart Songs records since his 2015 release of “Drive” a highly acclaimed re-debut EP that landed him the coveted American Songwriter review and ultimately his current place in the ASCAP GPS 2017 program.  Rob is releasing new music fall of 2017 which will reflect his true indie songwriter skills.